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July 10, 2017 / By admin

Moving into a new house can be both a happy and sad experience. While at one place you can be happy about starting a new life and letting bygones be bygones, on the other hand, it could mean leaving your old memories and comfort zone behind.
According to Feng Shui, ‘letting go of the old’ things means clearing old energy and ‘adopting the new’ means adopting the Feng Shui cures for the new surroundings. This should be one thing to be kept in mind before moving into a new place. Some places to tamper with to make your home more attracted to positive vibes are-
The entrance of House- The first thing anyone notices is the entrance of your house. Attracting positive energy can be an easy task if the entrance to your place is in the best Feng Shui colour and pattern. Best colour for a north-facing door could be- yellow, red, purple, etc.
Well Organized Rooms- Rooms that are free of clutter and properly organized attract positive energy. Having a specific place for each item could be the easiest way to avoid clutter. De-cluttering your space can be a hard battle to win because of the feeling that you have attached to your things.
Décor- The décor of your house has a direct effect on your mood throughout the day. Having a clutter of things that you do not like or rarely use can lead to the presence of unwanted bad energy. Having a proper décor and being surrounded by the things you love can create positive energy for you and your loved ones.
All the above-mentioned things not only improve the energy in your house but also make your moving experience an easier one. Following Feng Shui is beneficial both for the believers and the non-believer. For those who believe in this, it helps them attract positive energy and for the others, it becomes an easy way to keep your place organized and in order.

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