Quality and Development Policy

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Srishigra Builders and Developers will have a complete assurance of quality in the development, from building material to the robust construction in all our projects. The latest technology (modern construction equipment) and state-of-the-art building materials (ready-mix concrete, etc.) are used for all constructions. Adding to this, fire safety requirements are duly met at the time of construction, so as to ensure a 100 percent safety of livelihood for the occupiers. With a cut throat and stringent check by our alert and experienced Civil Engineers, we have also ensured to augment the quality and reduced installation errors. Analyzing customers’ requirements are fundamental criterion of the quality of the job, throughout implementation of every actual order, from the start of the selection process to the expiration of the warranty period in order to achieve maximum compliance. Then Focus on quality constantly and through the application of new technologies provides a comparable technical level, improve customer care based on information from surveys on customer satisfaction, support and shape the company’s image. High responsibility to offer the quality of their own work. Self-monitoring the results of their own activities.
Our objective of the quality and environment policy is to fulfill the needs and expectations of customers and minimizing impacts on the environment. Adhering to the requirements of the law and other legalization, maintaining technical and quality parameters of the products and services supplied, expanding the assortment of services and goods, maintaining affordable prices and permanently improving all the activities of the company. Construction of buildings includes their modifications, maintenance and removal. Purchase of goods for their further distribution and sales. In the interest of maintaining and improving the position obtained in the market, the company management has some strategic objectives like perfect in the system of financial management. Hand over the work at the highest possible quality level with the objective of improving customer’s satisfaction and the company’s financial means.